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The Veld platform is currently in pre-release alpha. Contact us for more information.

Make the right call

Keep your athletic patients in peak performance with Veld
HIPAA Secure

Receive referrals and health records instantly from providers, patients, and their sport teams.

Sport Specialized

Athlete-only platform engages your patients specifically for sport injuries and performance problems.

Deep Analytics

See every update for a deep-dive picture of the patient's health, pain, and performance over time.

Better care, better performance

Veld enables healthcare providers to connect with athletes and their teams in better ways, for better performance outcomes.

Deliver the right call, every time

Recovery regimens, treatments, and recommendations are shared directly with the athlete's entire circle of care.

Get all the data to make the right call
  • Exercises and rests
  • Sport schedules
  • Pain and performance tracking
  • Free form messaging
Refer help when needed

With Veld's HIPAA secure platform, an athlete's data is automatically delivered to all partner providers—from PTs to surgeons—leading to better outcomes with no paperwork.

For the rest of us

Only 1 in 1,500 high school athletes go pro, but we all deserve the same level of care.
High school student athletes
Child sport injuries per year
Founded in Raleigh, NC

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Leverage the power and simplicity of the Veld platform to easily
care for, coach, and reach the next level of athletic performance.
Text and Video Messaging
HIPAA Secure
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